Tiffany Jackson
Tiffany Jackson, CLD

Tiffany is a mother of 5, wife, Certified Labor Doula, and experienced breastfeeding consultant. She works full time as a labor doula, helping mothers solve their breastfeeding issues/concerns, answering questions, and supporting families during the postpartum time period.

She has been working toward educating and supporting expectant parents (mothers and their partners) in the community about their own labor choices, helping them understand the process, answering any questions they have, and being the support person that they both need (mentally, emotionally and physically) and trust.

Tiffany has attended many births including natural deliveries, medicated deliveries, inductions, cesarean sections, and VBAC’s. Her experience and compassion has helped the mothers and their partners have the most beautiful births and memories that they can think back on for the rest of their lives.

She believes that every birth should be a positive experience even if it doesn’t go according to your birth plan. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. We look forward to getting to hearing from you.

Tiffany, her husband, and five children
Four of her five children
Tiffany and her husband

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