“Thanks to Tiffany’s love, encouragement, and skills I had a truly amazing birth”. -Linda R.

“I would recommend Tiffany as a doula to anyone. She was a powerful and essential component in two of the most important, transforming days of my life.” -Donna J.

“I knew that I was going to have an epidural during my labor so I wasn’t sure about hiring a doula. I came across Tiffany and I am so glad that I hired her. She was extremely helpful with coaching my partner and supporting me. I’ll hire her for my next babe.” -Missy K

“I recently gave birth to my second daughter and was fortunate enough to have Tiffany with me. I did not know how important doulas are until I started talking to her when I was about 35 weeks. The first amazing thing that she did was to educate me about birth plans and the difference between natural and medicated birth. After talking to her, I became really confident that I want to do natural birth without any medication and was terrified that the nurses might have offered epidural and I might have said yes without knowing all of my choices. Tiffany also advised that I fill out my birth plan to make it easier for the nurses to know what I wanted and to have a safe word with my husband in case I changed my mind during active labor. She went over my birth plan with me and was happy to clarify whatever I was not sure about. Tiffany kept checking with me after each weekly visit with my OB. At 38 weeks, my water broke and I was admitted to the hospital with no contractions at all. I felt so much better when I called her and she came right away because I was already overwhelmed by the nurses asking if I am planning to take an epidural many times even though I still do not have any contractions or pain. I was later told that they might need to put me on Pitocin to speed up my labor, which wasn’t in my plan, but Tiffany kept the situation positive the whole time and we got them to let us walk around and use the bouncing ball for a couple of hours before they finally put me on Pitocin. After they put me on Pitocin, and my contractions became more painful, she talked me through them. I was in pain but feeling very good about myself because of her encouragement. We were talking and laughing, which made me forget how intense the pain was altogether all the way up to the final moment when I had to push! She kept reminding me to breath the correct way with every single contraction instead of holding my breath, which was amazing and did a great job in distracting me from the pain and letting me focus on breathing instead. She was holding my legs with my husband through contractions and did everything to make me feel comfortable. My husband is very supportive, but both of us can not imagine going through it with just the two of us clueless on how to handle all the pain for such a long time. She stayed with us for around 9 hours, offered the most useful tips and techniques, and waited until the end even though it was 3:00 am. Tiffany is such a compassionate and understanding person. I felt so comfortable spending my time with her even though it was our first time meeting. Thanks to her, I had an absolutely wonderful birth experience that I will always look back on happily. I highly recommend Tiffany to every expectant family.” – Zahraa H.

“Thank you for everything from birthing plan to helping me after Cataleya was born! .. I didn’t realize having a doula would help so much. The experience was amazing. You introduced options i didn’t know we’re available. During labor , the breathing techniques, focusing on you and the birthing ball helped. But you went beyond that. I didn’t need to ask for help because you paid attention to every drip of sweat and tear that were coming. You kept up on cooling me off and encouraging me to keep going when I felt I couldn’t do it anymore. Showing me other options also helped cut my recovery time down my tons! Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. If i ever have another baby, you will be the one I call for support! You’re amazing!” – Courtney R.