All About Birthing offers unbiased and judgment free support. We attend births at hospitals, birthing centers, and home births. We support mothers having natural, medicated, induced, cesarean, and VBAC births. We are professional, experienced, and are highly skilled at tuning in to the desires of a laboring woman and their partners.  We combine our knowledge and understanding of your physical and emotional needs to nurture, support, and make your birth a beautiful occasion you will always remember. It’s your body, your baby, and your birth! Have a doula who supports you and your partner all while working with your medical team!

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Doula Package Details

  • Free Consultationwe offer a free consultation to expectant parents so we can meet, get to know each other, and make sure we are a good match. During this consultation we will talk about our role as your doula and your role as our client, we will go over questions, paperwork, contracts, and fees at this time.
  • Two Prenatal Visitswe will have at least two prenatal visits together that last a minimum of 1 hour each. During these visits we can answer any of your questions, go over your birth plan, and give you handouts with information to help you make informed decisions with your pregnancy and delivery.
  • Phone and Email Supportwe will become available to you for any questions or concerns once the contract is signed. You will be able to reach us via text, call or email. If we are ever unavailable, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • During laborwe will be by your side helping you with positions, relaxation, pressure points etc during labor. We will take 5-10 (sometimes more) photos of your labor and birth (tastefully done) that you will receive at your postpartum visit. Your partner will be able to take restroom breaks, cafeteria breaks, or run to get items you may have forgotten or need without you laboring alone during this time.
  • Postpartumwe will stay with you and your new baby for up to two hours at your birthing location to help you get comfortable after your baby is born, answer questions, and to help with breastfeeding if needed.
  • Postpartum Follow-Up Visitwe will come visit you and your new baby once you are at home to answer questions, help with breastfeeding, and to check in on you and baby.

Payment plans are available for our doula package. Feel free to contact me for more information or to schedule your free consultation.

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